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Lisam Systems remains at the forefront of the EH&S market, providing solutions to new demands and evolving best practices that adapt to ever-changing business, technology and regulatory conditions.
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Singapore Manufacturing Federation Membership

19 June 2018: Lisam Singapore is now member of SMF (Singapore Manufacturing Federation). SMF is the largest Singaporean organisation representing the interests of manufacturing and manufacturing-related industries ... Read more

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CLP Final Deadline Coming: 'Are You Ready'?

8 March 2017: Did you know that the transitional period of two years for the mixtures which had already been classified under the DSD/DPD directive is almost over? From June 1st 2017, all the products marketed in t... Read more

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Lisam Singapore is now a member of the SCIC

20 June 2016: Lisam Singapore is now a member of the SCIC (Singapore Chemical Industry Council). SCIC is the official industry association representing the Singapore chemical industry in the private sector. It play... Read more

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Lisam rebrands website

30 October 2015: Lisam Systems rebrands website to highlight its’ latest product offerings worldwide. Find your nearest location to find out how our team can help your enterprise manage EH&S compliance and p... Read more

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Follow us on social media

30 October 2015: Follow Lisam Systems on social media, Linkedin and Twitter Read more

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