Institution of Engineers (IES) Technical Talk 2019 - Singapore

Institution of Engineers (IES) Technical Talk 2019 - Singapore

IES Technical Talk 2019
18 July 2019

LISAM is pleased to annouce that our experts are invited to speak at a seminar at Singapore's prestigious Institution of Engineers

Date: 18 July 2019, Thursday

Time: 7 pm to 10.15 pm (1900 hours to 2215 hours)

Registration: Link

(Registration, Dinner and Networking starts at 6.15 pm (1815 hours))

Abstract of the Talk:

This Talk offers a unique opportunity to learn about global management of hazardous chemical substances in the context of Globally Harmonized System (GHS). Participants will learn about how an in-depth understanding of GHS is vital for the authoring of compliant SDS in relation to an improved workplace safety.

In addition, it will also maximize the potential for business expansion with better understanding of each country’s regulatory requirements and better policy alignments between them. A comprehensive overview of GHS in Europe will be presented, followed by its implementation in local Southeast Asian context, mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Speakers' profiles

Mr. Frans Lemaire, Global GHS Product Management of flagship software ExESS, LISAM System Belgium

Mr. Galatya Cinipta, South East Asia Regulatory Affairs and Business Consultant, LISAM System Singapore

Points can be clocked for participants who are

(i) 3 (Three) PDU for PEB PEs (for all engineering branches/disciplines)

(ii) CPD for SCDF FSMs

(iii) SDU for MOM-SISO WSHOs


Venue: IES @ Bukit Tinggi Road new office building, 2nd floor (accessible via lift) IES Training/ Seminar Rooms 1 & 2 The Institution of Engineers, Singapore 70 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289758

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